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Unique Benefits for IEEE Members

Investment Platform

Members have access to an institutionally-priced investment platform:

  • Non-commissioned; fee-based
  • Has reduced fees/expenses
  • Normal retail account minimums are waived
  • Open-architecture managers
  • Best-in-class funds

Financial Plan

Members get a complimentary financial plan which reflects your personality:

  • A Roadmap to reach your goals at every stage of life
  • Gap Analysis of saving and retirement requirements
  • An easy-to-understand summary of where you are and an action plan for where you are going

Complimentary Personal
Financial Website

Members are provided with WealthView:

  • A Personal financial website
  • Consolidates your investments, bank accounts, and other assets
  • You can view your personal net worth, real-time, anytime
  • Powerful budgeting and planning tools
  • Secure, portable vault for permanently saving your key documents

Registered Investment

Instead of a “stock broker” you will have access to a dedicated Registered Investment Advisor trained in all aspects of financial planning. Your advisor will be broadly experienced and help you create a customized financial roadmap. Per SEC regulations: all recommendations MUST be in your best interest.

Specialized Investment

Members have access to specialized institutional programs, such as highly-rated 529 college savings plans, an annuity exchange, etc.. Many of these programs are not accessible by the general public, have reduced fees, and are normally only provided to employers and large groups.

Financial Planning

Access to an extensive financial resource library that includes educational materials on financial planning, retirement awareness, investing essentials, insurance needs, and many other topics. The library has videos, checklists, article, and self-services tools.

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Videos: How we can help you

What We Do

my Financial Plan

We can help you identify and plan for all of your financial goals — including those that go beyond investing — to help you achieve the life you’ve always imagined.

Identify Goals and Objectives

The financial plan will help you organize all of your finances, establish a program for retirement savings, help you borrow for a purchase that enriches your life, and many other life goals.

Organize and Prioritize Finances

Our advisors will help you prioritize and organize your financial goals in conjunction with WealthView, your personal financial website. You will then have a consolidated picture of your financial future in one secured place.

Financial Gap Analysis

Once we know about your current financial situation we generate a gap analysis that compares where you are now to where you want to be.

Create Financial Plan

We deliver our recommendations in a written report. Your plan can include but not limited to:

  • Optimize your cash flow
  • Manage your investment Portfolios
  • Provide Retirement Options
  • Save for education
  • Protect you assets

Our Advisors will work with you to implement our recommendations and stay with you every step of the way.

my Retirement Plan

You likely face a multitude of questions related to your retirement. myFinancial Wellness is here to help you and your family members find answers to the questions you have about retirement.

Retiree Healthcare

We provide access to Medicare Resources, Pre-65 Healthcare Insurance, Doctors by Phone+ and Health Advocacy Services.

Life Income

To enjoy a secure retirement, you need a strategy to convert your savings into a reliable income stream that when combined with other savings will support you for life. Lifetime income through annuities can help you to help protect against the risk of outliving your savings.

IRA Rollovers

One of the biggest decisions you will face with saving and investing for retirement is how best to take advantage of the variety of tax-advantaged retirement vehicles available.

my College Plan

If you are a parent or grandparent, you want the very best for your children and that probably includes a college education. Planning for this important goal just got easier with the Legg Mason Scholars Choice® 529 College Savings Program.

Favorable Tax Treatment

Gain the benefits of tax-deferred growth, tax free withdraw, and even estate-planning benefits.

Find out if 529 plans are right for you

Get advice on what cost plans cover and the flexibility one has on who the beneficiary is.

Financial Wellness Library

One of the fundamental principals of myFinancial Wellness is education. Investing is unique, our library is there to make sure you are informed about relevant and trending articles and videos.

Articles and Videos

A very extensive library of financial articles, videos, and white papers divided into categories: Healthcare, Financial Wellness, Protection, Lifestyle & Retirement.

Seminar and Webinars

Since we all learn differently, we offer many seminars and webinars both live and recorded to help answer any questions you have about your financial future.

my Advisors

Our Advisors provide the backbone of the myFinancial Wellness Program. They are fully vetted by us and we ensure they are fully suited to meet your needs. Our detailed consultation will introduce you to an advisor that is just right for you.

Fiduciary responsibility

We are unique because all our advisors are fiduciaries. What is a Fiduciary? That means that have a legal obligation to act in your best interest and not just sell you a product.


We fully vet the advisor to ensure they meet a rigorous set of qualifications. They are licensed…10 years… Non commissioned….track record.


Advisors are fully versed in various program offers and have access to your personal financial website, WealthView, and make sure you can maximize the program’s unique benefits:

  • Account minimums waved
  • Advisory fees reduced or capped,
  • Mutual funds, ETFS, & separate accounts are Institutionally-priced and vetted to be best in class.


©2015 The myFinancial Wellness, Vinings Management Corporation. IEEE has not reviewed nor does it endorse any specific product, service offerings, or any investment strategy proposed by myFinancial Wellness. All rights reserved. Vinings Management Corporation and the vendors offering products and services through the myFinancial Wellness have agreed to act in the best interest of the individual participants in providing advice under the plan.Privacy Policy